Stopping Stagnation

Stagnation: having stopped, ceasing to run or flow; a staleness or foulness; ceasing to develop. (

What a definition. You may be familiar with the definition of stagnation. You may also be familiar with the state of being “stagnant.” No show of hands necessary.

We all have come to a place in God where we don’t know what is next, so we in turn do nothing. Not knowing what is next does not automatically give you permission to stop running for God.

One thing that we cannot do as people of God is become stagnant. We cannot become stagnant in our relationship with God. Prayer, praise, & meditation on God’s word must happen on a daily basis. If you are doing this my friend you will never become stagnant because God is forever moving and forever changing things. It is in getting in his presence that we allow his spirit to keep us in the flow of his divine direction.

Your life, is one big mass of God’s glory wrapped in human packaging. We should always be working and moving towards giving God glory in some kind of new and refreshing way.

I challenge you this week to increase the flow of God in your life and decrease the lack of movement that stagnation may be causing you!

Many Blessings!


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